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And smallmouths are particularly abundant in the Delaware River, where a six pound, … The flies you select change with the season, but basically it’s a match the hatch game, with the hatch consisting of baitfish, hellgrammites, leeches, baby lampreys, crayfish and the like. The answer is probably most of you. In order to locate smallmouth bass and effectively catch them, you must first understand current and its intricacies. Besides smallmouth fishing, the river offers a diverse selection of other sportfish. The best days for largemouth fishing are cloudy days or days where the water is murky. As a result, a river smallmouth feels like a lake bass twice its size. The New River is onsidered one of the top rivers for catching smallmouth bass in the country. Typically, the month of July signifies the start of our fly-fishing season as the annual Dog-day cicadas begin to emerge and, most importantly, die. 540-921-7438. Fish the fast-moving water and rocky banks. This includes learning how to read a river, understanding the influence of current on smallmouth location and being able to effectively fish flowing water. A wide variety of baits will fool aggressive bass during this time. While the river is great fishing year round, Spring and early Summer provide the best water levels to enjoy this Mountain State treasure. The chunk-rock banks; long, cobble riffles; and numerous mid-river ledges are prime habitat for big, mature bronzebacks,” says Britt Stoudenmire of Canoe the New Outfitters & Guide Service. "In the first part of May, the water tends to be cooler, slightly stained and higher, and the fish are still in their pre-spawn patterns. Bass will target baitfish, cra… This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Two main spawning grounds for river Walleye were identified during the Virginia Tech research study, Fosters Falls (in Fosters Falls Village, part of the New River Trail State Park), and the area upstream from there at Buck Dam. These baits get down and grind on the bottom of the stream, just like a crawfish. The … A variety of artificial lures may be used. When you aren’t busy looking up, the view of the bottom of the 2nd oldest river in the world is stunning with so many ancient rock and ledge formations. All Rights Reserved. Jim and Charlie have an abundance of experience and knowledge of the rivers and in float fishing for trophy New River smallmouth and musky. If you liked this article, please remember toLIKE us and SHARE with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! Fall smallmouth can be found across the United States and Canada and the fishing can be absolutely awesome through the month of October and sometimes even into November, depending on the weather. Fishing on the New River As our customers say over and over again " Pro Fishing Expeditions provides one of the best fishing experiences in the country". Smallmouth typically run right at you after eating a fly…. “Many Class … It was named the New River because it was not known to early Atlantic Coast explorers. Your email address will not be published. As the summer progresses and water levels drop, smallmouth will trend towards feeding on top. Fishing The 7 Best Lures for Smallmouth Bass in Rivers If you’re hitting the water for bronzebacks this summer, you’ll want to fill your tacklebox with these go-to baits Anglers targeting smallmouth also catch walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass and big yellow perch. I often employ a soft swinging motion in the same direction I am working the lure for the hook set. After the rod loads and you sweep into the fish, make sure to keep that rod angle down. Tip: Don’t overlook the middle of the day for big smallmouth cruising slow water banks in search of an easy meal. (800) 982-9190 -- EMail The New River is probably the best known, if not the most productive, smallmouth river … Dark-colored lures work better in murky water conditions and bright-colored lures in clear water. The New River is onsidered one of the top rivers for catching smallmouth bass in the country. The scenery is superb and wildlife is abound. Bass Fishing West Virginia: Tygart Lake If you’ve been reading about fishing the New River for smallmouths, you may be thinking what’s the big deal? “Like the fishing, weather on the New River can be very unpredictable,” says Stoudenmire. Many anglers like to see their fish immediately and if you are pulling up and the fish jumps up, it will often come loose on the bottom end of the jump as you are still going up, and the fish is going down. The best habitat for fishing will be deeper, slower water close to fast water, according to Kelly. We river runners all have our favorite Mountain State river smallmouth float trips -- those excursions that feature quality size brown bass, gorgeous scenery, and marvelous habitat. If you could pick one favorite lure to catch river smallies, how many of you would select a top water lure? Remember to allow the fish to “sip” the fly and take it down before setting the hook vertically on a tight line. I spend the day chasing smallies on the river and share some tips and tricks I use to catch them. It is noted for its spectacular gorges and many rapids. Top water fishing is extremely fun and certainly a highlight of summer river fishing. The river starts in the town of Durbin, WV and travels over 170-miles to empty into the New River in beautiful Hinton, WV. Other fish available in Lake Champlain include Atlantic salmon, lake trout, rock bass, and largemouth bass. Much of the river’s course through West Virginia is designated as the New River Gorge National River, and the New River is one of the nation’s American Heritage Rivers. The New River produced this fine smallmouth bass; the North Carolina section of the river has four fine floats. The Kanawha then flows to the Gulf of Mexico via the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Smallmouth in Shallow Rivers Big smallies are addicted to these dying cicada bugs and the easy meal they present. © 2020 Walker Creek Retreat. The secret to consistently catching smallmouth from rivers is being comfortable fishing in current. They like to wait for prey to get close before they strike. [VIdeo] River and Stream Hopping For Smallmouth Bass, [Video] Searching For Smallies: The River Eddy, Brunner Island Power Plant Fined $25k For Susquehanna Smallmouth Damages. Walleye fishing in the New River is best during the winter months and peaks from February through May during the Walleye spawning season. This river is home to some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the United States because it is home to some of the rockiest shores and river banks in the United States, which makes it the perfect river for smallmouth bass. Original article here, The New River, part of the Ohio River watershed, is a tributary of the Kanawha River about 320 mi (515 km) long. For those who like excitement with their world-class fishing for smallmouth bass, few rivers, if any, are better than the New. love the new! Lake Minnetonka is located 15 miles west-southwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Many Class I to IV rapids daunt the New throughout its course. Fishing for smallmouth in rivers is an exciting way to spend a day. “As the river begins to cool in the late fall and the river levels begin to rise, fishing in the midst of the vivid fall colors on the New River can be nothing short of sensational,” says Stoudenmire, adding that quality bass of 2 pounds and more, likely will attack reaction baits, including spinnerbaits, crankbaits and topwaters. I often get asked the question; “When is the best time to come fish the New River?” That is not the easiest question to answer because there are so many variables involved. Some anglers don’t mind fishing in the cold, others do. The smallmouth bass is one of the more abundant species found in the New River. The river flows through the U.S. states of North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. If you ever get the chance to fish the New River for smallmouths, go for it. As I recall, there is a camp ground near "Big Falls". Floating the New River in the Fall (Smallmouth Bass Fishing) These conditions are near perfect for the “all-around” bite we discussed above. Anglers also vary in their experience level and expectations. This ancient river begins in the mountains of North Carolina near the Tennessee state line, flows generally northwestward across the Blue Ridge Mountains, Great Appalachian Valley, Ridge and Valley Province, and the Allegheny Front in western Virginia and West Virginia, then cuts through the Appalachian Plateau (in the New River Gorge) to meet the Gauley River and become the Kanawha River in south-central West Virginia. New River Trips - Fishing Guide: Best Smallmouth Guide - See 10 traveler reviews, 12 candid photos, and great deals for Galax, VA, at Tripadvisor. There are anglers focused solely on big smallmouth while others enjoy the numbers bite. An ideal position is in a current break (slack water) immediately alongside the swift current. For smallmouth bass, Hining recommended areas with ledges and rocky structure. Buffalo River – The lower 24 miles of the Buffalo River in Arkansas is considered one of the best smallmouth rivers in the nation. The best time for smallmouth fishing is late June through October. "Fishing the New River below Claytor Lake in May can be an exciting time of year to catch big citation-size smallmouth," he said. Also, don’t forget to bring your rain gear, there is always that small chance of an afternoon shower during the summer. After many years of fishing the New River, I have come to believe that the best “all-around” time to fish for river smallies is … Just be careful you don’t end up going over the rapids! AOA fishing guides Jim Richmond and Charlie White have been guiding river float trips for over thirty years. This means that the bass will set up in areas that provide an ambush point. Peak locations for noisy baits such as those mentioned above are across riffles, eddies, and current seams. Fly fishing for smallmouth bass on the New River can be simply fantastic!From mid-river feeding flats to shady bank cover to rocky-cobbled runs, the New River has ample structure to target big, mature (18"+) smallmouth effectively on the fly. Although there are some reaches of the New that are accessible by boat, the best fishing is centered in the Beckley, West Virginia area and is … The Rebel Pop-R, Heddon Tiny Torpedo, and Phillips Crippled Killer are classics that have caught hundreds of thousands of fish over the years. Grubs work best of all. Trip Check: Location: New England’s longest river passes through 26 New … As an example, anglers can wade portions of New York's North Branch, with its gently sloping gravel bottoms — and below Binghamton, they can fish from bass boats. Smallmouth bass tends to swim next to cover, searching for smaller fish swimming in or out. Top-water lures used late in the evening are an excellent choice. This is not a huge numbers bite but you will find no better time to pursue some of the biggest smallmouth in the river on the fly. "Virginia visitors should try spots near Interstate 81, in the Radford area," said Barry Loupe, a New River expert from Saltville, Va. Water flows are in the lower range and water clarity is typically clear. Which is also home to one of the best largemouth and smallmouth fishing in the greater United States. We sight-cast to these fish that often surpass 20-inches or more. Don’t miss out on a trip of a lifetime. One of the best places to fish the Detroit River is in view of the Joe Louis Arena, right downtown. Rivers are home to some of the best smallmouth bass fishing on the planet. Casting ability is key in having a successful day with 30-40 foot casts needed, on average. O ur New River Guided Fishing Trips are run on over 100+ miles of the New River in the state of Virginia. Last July, when West Jefferson’s Ben Lucas and I glimpsed the deep-water ledge 50 yards downstream from us on the South Fork of the New River, we knew exactly how to double-team it. Rig them on a 1/16- to 1/8-ounce round jighead or Carolina-style on a size 4-8 hook, 18- to 24-inches behind a split shot and swivel. Click here to check out our latest fishing packages and specials. “But for those who aren’t afraid to battle cold weather, harsh winds, high water and even occasional snow, the late winter and early spring typically produce the best numbers of 4-pound-plus fish.”. Smallmouth abound in the New, and its mix of rapids and deep pools allows them to commonly grow to 4 and 5 pounds. Tip: If the smallmouth misses the lure, do not jerk, keep doing what you are doing. Top water lures have long-ranked high on anglers’ list of favorite baits, and they tend to be more consistent in the summer months. If you employ this tactic, the fish will often hit your lure again. I fished the New River when I was at VT usually near McCoy (drive up the railroad tracks by Big Falls Road). For those who like excitement with their world-class fishing for smallmouth bass, few rivers, if any, are better than the New. With abundant coverage of trees and grasses, it gives smallmouths good opportunities to hide and attack prey. Anglers also vary in their experience level and expectations. Numbers of smallmouth can reach into the 100 to 150 range on certain days and there are a fair number of big fish – in the 18” to 20”+ range – staggered into those numbers to keep things exciting. It is a thrilling time of year and can last deep into September during some summers. The current Virginia state-record bronzeback, an 8-pound, 1-ounce beauty, hails from the New River. The author, Britt Stoudenmire, and his wife Leigh, have been outfitting anglers for fifteen years on the New River in Virginia. Summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains typically brings stable weather conditions meaning temperatures during the day in the 70’s and 80’s and night-time lows in the 60’s. Most New Jersey anglers know that smallmouth bass inhabit the region's large lakes, such as Hopatcong, Greenwood, Swartswood, Split Rock Reservoir, and Merrill Creek Reservoir. Always wear a life jacket while wade fishing and float fishing. Crayfish hang out there and happen to be a smallmouth’s favorite meal. Slower, less busy water, often presents the perfect scenario to fly fish for big smallmouth bass. After many years of fishing the New River, I have come to believe that the best “all-around” time to fish for river smallies is the summer and here are some of my reasons why. It is not uncommon to see mink, muskrats, river otters, bald eagles, and ospreys, to name a few, on any given day on the New River. The Susquehanna is one of the nation's most accommodating smallmouth rivers. The areas I look for fall smallmouth are flats that have sharp drop-offs nearby or scattered rocks and riprap . Moving water creates a conveyor belt of food, washing everything downstream to the fish without them having to travel for it. This is easier said than done, but it works! Access is limited. He noted that Google Maps or other online resources with satellite imagery can be valuable when choosing a section to float. On the other hand, an angler can expect good numbers of 10- to 14-inch bass from late spring through summer, with an occasional tackle-tester of 17 to 20 inches joining the fray. going out today, funny you mentioned the rapids, I’ve spent some time swimming my butt to shore after going over them before! When smallmouth are hovering on or near the river bed, few lures can top a soft plastics rigged with enough weight to crawl over the rocks and ledges. This stretch falls within a Blue Ribbon smallmouth area and is protected. Bruce Ingram, author of The New River Guide, adds, “Throughout its length across three states, the New has a strong undertow, the likes of which I have never seen in any other river. Fishing Guides and Equipment. It is quite possibly the best smallmouth fishery in West Virginia as well. Characterized by its extensive ledge systems, deep pools, numerous rocky runs, and plentiful forage, the New River has all the necessary ingredients to garner the ranking as one of the best rivers in the country for producing citation-sized (20" and up) smallmouth. Original article here. Susquehanna. Tips: Don’t forget your camera or phone to capture these magnificent opportunities “on film”. All of our professional fishing guides are experts on the New River and fully understand customer care. It is a perfect time to bring children or a spouse fishing, no matter their experience level, because there are so many active fish. When you hook one the fight is on and it will give you a surprising fight for its size. Fishing the New River for smallmouths. Smallmouth bass can also be found near Plattsburgh on the New York side and Rouses Point in Canada. These fish thrive in the waters with current. New River Outfitters - U.S. 221 bridge for river conditions, fishing reports and canoe livery service. Despite its name, the New River is the second oldest river in the world geologically, and the only nontidal river that crosses the Appalachian Mountains. Much of the river’s course is lined with steep cliffs and rock outcrops, particularly in its gorge in West Virginia. There are anglers focused solely on big smallmouth while others enjoy the numbers bite. Let's take a look at some of the best ones, based on comments from a West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) biologist, interviews, and personal experiences. In rivers, they like to swim in the current, actively seeking out prey. Smallmouth usually hit these baits on the first or second rip after the bait has landed making for quick and explosive bites. Learn how your comment data is processed. They offer both guided fishing trips  ( and waterfront lodging ( I'm not sure exactly where other campgrounds are located along the New but we'd be open to other suggestions if the fishing … A number of guides lead both spin and fly fishing trips to the New River and its tributaries. Everything Smallmouth - Smallmouth Fishing Tips, Articles and Videos Everyday. Best Crankbaits for Smallmouth Bass A favorite crankbait for smallmouth is the Rebel Craw, smaller size, deep runner on light line. Best Smallmouth Rivers There are many good smallmouth hotspots across the country, but we've got maps, fishing tips, and contact info for local guides on ten of the best. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Once that big, black glob of a smallmouth sips your bug for the first time, you’ll be addicted for a lifetime! Conditions: Largemouth bass is lazy. It may require an upsize in the hooks.

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